LISA Distribution WMS, an SAP-Certified Solution for SAP Business One, available for SAP Business ByDesign

Nipon Accelerates Growth in Automotive Parts Distribution With LISA Distribution WMS

“LISA WMS has led to an improvement in storage control in our distribution center.”

Nipon is operating 7 branches and a wholesale center which lead to more orders and company growth. However, even if the growth of the company was a good thing, Nipon did not have the right tools to manage it all. It was suddenly obvious, they needed a new solution to help them keep track and keep pace.

They decided to trust SAP Business One, because they believed the solution would answer all their business needs and it did. Right after the implementation they saw remarkable improvements, more accurate inventory, better inventory turns and management of KPI’s, reports, dashboards and no more double data entry. Nipon was still missing a little something for their distribution center. Luckily, SAP Business is known for their variety of certified SAP products. Nipon chose to add LISA Distribution WMS with the help of N’ware Technologies to their current system, SAP Business One. Once again, the implementation was done, they saw a lot of improvements in the storage control of the distribution center. As of now, Nipon is one of the biggest competitors in their field because of their experience but also because they made the right choice when they choose SAP Business One, LISA Distribution WMS, and N’ware Technologies.

Solution highlights

  • Increased sales by 15% YoY due to a streamlined supply chain
  • Improved stock rotation, visibility & precision
  • Integrated warehouse logistics for direct sales, e-commerce and retail (POS)
  • Training process speed for warehouse employees improved by 98%

About Nipon

For 40 years, Nipon has been an importer and exporter of automotive spare parts for Nissan and Toyota.  Nipon is a one-stop-shop to buy motor vehicle parts and accessories for businesses as well as end automotive enthusiasts. The Chilean company operates seven stores across the country, supplied by a distribution center, and servicing other companies’ retail centers as well.

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