LISA Distribution WMS, an SAP-Certified Solution for SAP Business One, available for SAP Business ByDesign

Medical Devices

The Medical Device Industry requires efficient execution of its inbound and outbound supply chain operations - all while maintaining a high degree of traceability throughout. Implementing a real-time barcode, radio frequency base warehousing system is essential to meeting those requirements.

Accurately transacting part numbers that are often times only slightly different due to small configuration differences, requires the accuracy of barcode and scanning.  Efficiently capturing serial number and production lot/batch numbers and then tracking and tracing them through the complete inventory cycle requires agile real-time processing.

LISA Distribution WMS enables our Medical Device customer/partners streamline their supply chains by

  • Using Manifest Management and Container tracking to gain visibility into inbound shipments and efficiently receive them into the warehouse upon arrival.
  • Implementing barcode scanning at the point of receipt to accurately record inventory. and capture serial numbers and/or capture or generate lot numbers.
  • Tracking the movement and consumption of stock, including the serial numbers and lots through their life cycle in the warehouse.
  • Picking, packing and shipping using directed activities to increase productivity and enhance traceability. 
  • Support of complete traceability to ensure accurate data is available in the case of a recall.

All of these tools can help you optimize your warehouse, increase your accuracy, reduce shipping errors and make your customer happier.

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Novocure is a global oncology company that manufactures and distributes its novel tumor therapy devices in Europe, North America and Asia.   With a supply chain that spans the globe, Novocure relies on SAP Business One and LISA Distribution WMS to efficiently move its inventory through our supply chain.   This provides up to the minute details on the location and status of each and every device within the enterprise.