LISA Distribution WMS, an SAP-Certified Solution for SAP Business One, available for SAP Business ByDesign


LISA Distribution Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One

Streamlining the supply chain is fundamental to today’s best run companies. A key element to that streamlining is optimizing warehouse operations; from order management to dispatching, to fulfillment and shipping. This can only be accomplished with a solution that is fully and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your SAP Business One ERP.

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LISA ByDesign WMS for SAP Business ByDesign

LISA ByDesign WMS is designed to extend the power of SAP Business ByDesign, scaling operations from medium and fairly simple warehouses to large and more complex distribution centers. Seamlessly integrated with SAP Business ByDesign, our warehouse management solution allows mid-market companies and subsidiaries to streamline day-in, day-out warehouse operations and simplify complex supply chain logistics.

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LISA Distribution Express

LISA Distribution Express is a Warehouse Management System Add-On, sold as a Configurable Express model. This bundled solution is designed to fit your company’s requirements, integrate into your ERP system and be implemented quickly to let you run your business smoothly. This complete warehouse management system solution includes software, hardware and services.

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LISA Distribution – On Demand

Lisa Distribution, the powerful Warehouse Management System by N’ware Technologies for SAP Business One, is now available as software as a subscription service. This solution allows you to lower the risk and lower investment when selling an ERP to new prospects.

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